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Makeup Station Organizational Ideas

Makeup application is a better experience with a well organized makeup station!

makeup station

makeup station

First and foremost your makeup station should have good lighting which is key when applying makeup!  Daylight bulbs are best when working in a bathroom or other dark room but natural light is ideal if you have a nook for a makeup vanity with a window nearby.  A large, well secured mirror will give you hands-free visibility and ease of use of hair and makeup appliances.  Outlets with a power strip are helpful if you plan to blow dry and curl your hair at your station.  And for the makeup savvy who airbrush their makeup each morning, you will need a spare outlet for your system.  Learn more about airbrush makeup here. AirPro Makeup

Modular boxes and untraditional makeup storage  as well as repurposed items make great storage for smaller items and pretty trays should display some of your most used products for easy access.

makeup station

repurposed and upcycled containers

Here is an example of repurposed and upcycled containers for organizing a filled to capacity makeup drawer.


This is one of my favorite makeup stations as you can add components depending on your needs and has enough space for jewelry, scarves and hair accessories.

PB Teen ChelseaVanity & Mirror

 It’s fun to dress up your makeup station with books and images to inspire your inner artist.  Have fun, try something new  … siren red lipstick; and remember:  Taking joy in living is a person’s best cosmetic!


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